Friday, 23 October 2015

S104 Class Closure 2015

Dear S104 students,

Here are the items for our class closure.

1.  Briefing on 8th ASEAN PARA GAMES

2.  Classroom ready for 2016 Sec 1s
(A)  Put down all notices
(B)  Clear cabinets
(C)  Clear personal belonging in lockers

3.  Closure for S104
(A)  Think, Reflect & Share

(B)  Card of Appreciation
       - What you have done right?
       - What you want to improve?
       - What you appreciate from your parents?
       - As part of the family, what would you want to do to make it the best family for you?

(C)  Affirmation


Ms Camellia Lee, Mdm Azizah & Mrs Jung

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