Monday, 4 May 2015

Take-over of Homework Updating

Hi all,
            As the common test, as well as, the term is coming to an end ,I decided to take over Kang Zhe and give him a break
            I will be updating the homework in term 3 and hope to do it well or even better. The reason  I am writing is to ask of how you guys would like to know about the homework. As you guys know that all humans made mistakes and thus I am prone to making a lot of them as well and so I am proposing to have a google sheet which everyone in the class can change and edit in case I made any errors but don't worry I will still screenshot and post in on the blog as well.
             I will also like to hear from you guys to get your suggestions as a comment below. 

Thank you,
Kovan Aw


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  2. Preferably same as Kang Zhe's as his way of posting it up is very organised and clear. Good Job Kang Zhe. Of course, if you prefer in words, I think that's fine too.


  3. Please update it asap thank you :)

  4. take note of all hw. write them down in a notebook. lesser errors :>
    do you mind adding in hcl hw?

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