Friday, 6 March 2015

CE Lesson - Uniquely Me (6th March 2015)

Dear S104 students,

Here are the materials for CE Lesson today.

Step 1 : Video Clip Discussion (5 mins)

Here is the link.

Step 2 :  Case studies (10 mins)
              Have a great time discussing.  Refer to the guiding questions for reference.

Step 2 : Group Discussions

 1. Do the actions of the character demonstrate respect for self?  Why?

 2. If you were that character, how would you have responded?  Why?

 3. How would your actions demonstrate respect for yourself and/or others?

 4. Why is having a healthy respect for ourselves important?
     What would happen if we do not have it?

 5. What are some other ways in which we can develop a healthy respect for ourselves?

Step 3 : Group Sharing (3 mins each)

Step 4 : Self Reflection (10 mins)

Thank you.

Lots of Love,
Mdm Azizah.Ahmad

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