Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Homework for Wednesday 28 January 2015

Hi all,
this is the homework for today :
Subject : Math
Homework : 1)Math Notes Lesson 3 please complete the puzzle.The answers for the other questions will be posted on the Google Site.
2)Math Notes Lesson 4 please complete the whole worksheet
3)Math Alternative Assessment
Due : 1 and 2 tomorrow
3) 2 February 23 59

Subject : IH
Homework : Do IH project
Due : Friday

Subject : ADMT
Homework : Draw some drawings . Check Edmodo for more information
Due : Tomorrow

Subject : English
Homework : Finish up the Matilda Poem
Due : Tomorrow

I apologise for any errors
Thank You
Jun Jie


  1. you missed out the math alternative assignment that can be accessed through the google site

  2. English- need to do the rest of the questions for matilda.

  3. Hello Kang Zhe and Berniss,
    Thank You for the reminders :)