Thursday, 15 January 2015

Homework for Thursday, 15th January

Hi all,
This is the homework for today.
Subject : English
Homework : Complete the " 3, 2, 1 " response on Padlet. Link :
Deadline : Tomorrow

Subject : ADMT
Homework : Please do the following :
Drawing 3: Family Portrait 
Drawing 4: One of the Ideas that was generated in class during the SCAMPER activity. Please briefly explain in a short paragraph how the idea works and annotate when necessary. [ Check Edmodo for more information ]
Deadline : Drawing 3 by Tuesday, Drawing 4 by Thursday 

Subject : Math
Homework : complete Math Assignment [ There should be two notes and two assignments ]
Deadline : Wednesday

Subject : General
1)Please finish your orientation reflection 
Deadline : Friday

My apologies for anything which has been missed out.  Please correct me whenever needed .
Thank you for the understanding,

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  1. i think till got science and math and IH

    1. Hi Peihan,
      this is mainly for the homework issued today.

  2. to add up to wat jj said,

    1)transfer the things you have jotted down into your English journal
    2)Do the math worksheet(the one with only one piece of paper)
    3)Do the Reading programme(X2)
    this is supposed to be finished by Monday. Please do hand it up to me if you are done.
    4)Do the IH homework
    P.S. Do we have to do the essay???
    5)do the science worksheet(everything, yes the open ended too :(
    6)Those who haven't pose the poem on the blog, do it now!!!
    And those in my Chinese class, remember to do the 习字
    7)read the newspaper

    tats all folks!!!!

    1. Hi Berniss,
      the Sci Ws you are talking about is about Class & Properties of materials right?

  3. cher say will post the poem on blendspace but i just found out that it is not on yet

  4. just remembered something,
    pls do ur reflection thingy
    tmr, matilda will check

    1. For the reflection, answers must be complete and not too short.