Friday, 16 January 2015

Homework for Friday,16th January

Hi all,
This is the homework for today:
Subject : English
Homework : 1) Complete the Reading Programme Worksheets
2) Find 1 example for every type of poetry learnt today and post in on the Langlit Blog.Examples can be from the internet or self-created.
Deadline : 1)Monday, give it to Berniss once finished
2 ) Monday

Subject : IH
Homework : Do the essay and reflections.Reflections should be done on the notebook,Essay should be done on foolscap paper or worksheet.
Deadline : Tuesday , Essay pass to me and notebook to Kovan

Subject: Math
Homework : Math lesson 3 and 4 notes finish everything.
Deadline : Monday

Last Edit was made at 5:25pm , Saturday 
Please correct me if i made any mistakes, 
Thank You
JJ [ Jun Jie ]


  1. 1)u spelt me name wrongly
    2)I thought the essay should be done on the notebook or foolscap and the worksheet hand in to u?
    3)Those who haven't read the newspaper, read it asap

    1. Oops,
      Sorry Berniss, I have made the changes.Thank You for the reminder.

    2. Essay should be done on either foolscap or worksheet given to us on farquhar and raffles

    3. And for math the deadline is on wednesday for all
      JJ , pls make the changes

    4. Hi Amirul,
      Math Notes are due on Monday,Mrs Sin said she will discuss with us