Friday, 9 January 2015

Homework for Friday, 9th January

Hi all,

This is the homework for today,do tell me if got anything wrong or forgot something.
Subject  :  Math
Homework : Math 1.2 [ Lesson 2 ] Worksheet, finish at least up to 1.2.2
Deadline : Wednesday, During Math class.

Subject  : Science 
Homework : Science Worksheet 1 : Science Laboratory & Safety, The Scientific Method
Deadline : Wednesday, During Science class

Please note the following:
1)Download and print out the Schemes of Work reply slip and return by Monday.
2)Sign and return dental form
3)Buy A5 notebook [ Preferably Brown ] and Green File [ like the red science file, just green ] for History [ IH ]
4)Hand up any outstanding forms to Mrs Jang on Monday.

Edit: [ Saturday, 10th January, about 1pm]
Subject : ADMT
Homework: 1) Draw your favourite cartoon character and childhood toy
2) ADMT project, Try to think of your ideas your group can do [ You must solve a problem and it must do with engineering and creating it with materials ]
Deadline : Wednesday, During ADMT class

Edit 2 : [ Saturday, 10th January, 4:24pm]
Subject: Science
Please visit the following site to assist yourself in the science homework.You will have to download SIX attachments

I apologise if any errors were made.
Thank You,
Jun Jie [ JJ ] :D


  1. Cheers, JJ! :D
    But in addition to what you just said, there's also an ADMT homework where you have to draw your favourite cartoon character and childhood toy. Lastly, we have to complete the Google Doc ADMT homework by next Wed.

    1. Hi Nat,
      I have noted the following and made changes.
      Thank you for the reminder.

  2. HI JJ , pls post this up as well, we are supposed to go to student google sites( go to chemistry link at( and download 6 attachments

    1. Hi Amirul
      Thank You for the reminder.