Thursday, 22 January 2015

Homework for 22nd January 2015

This is the homework for today:

Subject : English
Homework : Practice Poem "The Snare" WS ; complete the open ended questions below
Deadline : Tomorrow (file it in)

Subject : English
Homework : Practice Poem "The Visitor" ; in your groups of 3, prepare the poem with the correct tones, posture etc and you can either record it/read it in class tomorrow. (I'm not sure if its tomorrow)
Deadline : Tomorrow

Subject : Math
Homework : Lesson 2 Notes ; complete everything.
Deadline : Tomorrow

Subject : ADMT
Homework : The research thing
Deadline : Next Wednesday

Subject : S&W
Homework : When the teacher has shared with you the Google Drive, you have to upload your video + the picture of the assessment form thing onto the drive.

BTW the Math alternative assessment task is due tomorrow at 2359.

Sorry if I have missed out something/any mistakes.
Thanks!! :-)


  1. Hi Sandra,
    You remembered :).
    Anyways, please add in to complete the ADMT work by next Wednesday.
    Thank You,
    Jun Jie

  2. Replies
    1. The ADMT research work. The one we were told to do after we finished our mock test.

  3. What do we have to do for the Math assessment?