Thursday, 8 January 2015

General Announcement (8th January 2015)

Dear S104,

Here are the details to keep you updated.  Do act upon it if you need to.

1.  Homework updates (daily basis)
- It would be great to have the homework updates in the Class Blog on a daily basis.  As what was conveyed on 2nd January, this will serve as a platform for everyone to help one another.  As Form Teachers, Mdm Azizah & Mrs Jang would like to monitor the demand of the work that you have to do and help you cope.
-  Any member of the class is welcome to update the Homework section in the Blog.
-  To make it easier & clearer, you may want to use this format.

Title  :  Homework For _____(date)
Subject  :  ___________
Homework : ______________ (details - where to do, what to do)
Deadline : _____________ (who to collect, when to hand up)

2.  Class Pigeon Hole
-  Please take note that we have our Class Pigeon Hole outside the Staff Workroom at Block A Level 3.  Please check regularly for distribution of materials.
-  Any member of the class is encouraged to check and help to distribute materials.

3.  School-related Forms
- From today onwards, please pass any outstanding forms to Mrs Jang.  She is overseeing the collection of forms.  Do give your fullest cooperation.  To date, many of you have been prompt in your submission.  Please continue the good habit.

-  These are the forms that do not have full submission.  Please encourage and remind one another to submit on time.
(A)  Edusave Forms
(B)  SDM Updating Forms
(C)  Assessment Acknowledgement Forms (refer to Student Blog to retrieve the document)

4.  Report Book
- Please hand in your Report Book as soon as possible.  You may pass it to Mdm Azizah personally during morning assembly.
- You will be given Personal Pupil Data tomorrow (9th January) for checking purposes (no signature needed).  Nadia and Sandra will be assisting Mdm Azizah on this.  You may do correction in red if there is any errors.  Once it is confirmed, Nadia and Sandra will collate and pass them to Mdm Azizah.  This is to be done before Advisory Lesson at 11.45 p.m.

5.  Badge Night
-  Invitation has been given to your parents regarding this event.  Please help to check if they have made the reservations online.
-  On this day, there will be interaction time in class before the main event in the MPH.  As such, I need volunteers to work with me (Mdm Azizah).  Do approach me personally.  We need to discuss about it on Monday, 12th January 2015.
-  Please be present during the rehearsals (refer to the Student Blog for details).

6.  CCA Fair & Tryouts
-  Do refer to Student Blog for more details.
-  Choose wisely as it will help you realise your potentials.
-  Have a great day on Friday, 9th January.

Hope everyone is coping well.  Do take care of yourself and your friends.

Lots of love,
Mdm Azizah & Mrs Jang

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