Monday, 12 January 2015

Badge Night Committee (Interaction Time)

Dear S104,

Here is the brief summary of what we discussed in class during CCE period.  Team leaders, please start discussing on the job scope.  Do venture on other possible areas that may make the event more meaningful for our guests.

Team & Jobscope 
(Team Leaders, please indicate the name of your team members in the Comments section.  Do include your plan so that everyone will get to see it)

A.  Welcome Team - pick-up parents, ushering duty, taking photos and videos, thank you cards?

B.  Refreshment Team - serve food and beverages for guests, take charge of cleanliness in and outside classroom

C.  Presentation Team - prepare presentation for 5-10 minutes to showcase learning points, reflections, strongly encouraged to showcase Reflection Journal, for large audience or small group of parents

D.  Logistics Team - arrangement of furniture to ensure smooth running of event, classroom deco


Here is the timeline.  Hope everyone will rise up to the occasion.  I believe S104 students will do great.  All the best to all of us for the big day!

  • Monday, 12th January (CCE period) - brief discussion on various team and its roles
  • Wednesday, 14th January (FT Time in the morning) - each group firm up plans and get ready resources if needed
  • Thursday, 15th January (2.15 - 3 p.m.) - run-through the event
Thank you for your time.

Lots of love,
Mdm Azizah

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