Friday, 23 October 2015

S104 Class Closure 2015

Dear S104 students,

Here are the items for our class closure.

1.  Briefing on 8th ASEAN PARA GAMES

2.  Classroom ready for 2016 Sec 1s
(A)  Put down all notices
(B)  Clear cabinets
(C)  Clear personal belonging in lockers

3.  Closure for S104
(A)  Think, Reflect & Share

(B)  Card of Appreciation
       - What you have done right?
       - What you want to improve?
       - What you appreciate from your parents?
       - As part of the family, what would you want to do to make it the best family for you?

(C)  Affirmation


Ms Camellia Lee, Mdm Azizah & Mrs Jung

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

homework for 2015-09-30

Hello 104
here's the homework for today :)

update: jj said that the 2013 bio paper must be completed too.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

School Closure - 25th September 2015

Dear S104,

Message from Mr Hoe :  

As announced by MOE, all primary and secondary schools will be closed tomorrow (25 Sep 2015, Friday) as the air quality may reach hazardous level. 

Affected Exams Rescheduled

Exams that are affected will be rescheduled. We will inform you of the new schedule when it is ready. 

Message from Mdm Azizah to S104 :

Please continue to revise for your End of Year Examination.  Any updates will be given via online platform - SST Student Blog, Email.  Any work related information, you can refer to various platforms set by your subject teachers - Class Blogs, Subject Blogs, Gogglesite.

Please check your emails regularly for updates, and abide by the communications relay plan.

Take care everyone!   😷
Lots of Love,

Mdm Azizah.Ahmad

PSI Reporting

I will be updating the PSI when necessary (I.E. at 100≤)

Stay safe.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Homework for 18-9-15

Mathematics - SST past year paper 2 (Please do with proper presentation) English - Refer to Blendspace resources (T3W9-T4W2) as you revise - Next Monday, please bring in your EL files for checking. The materials for Term 3 should be about 1 inch thick.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Homework for 17-9-15

Science - Please refer to the email that Mr Lim has sent us and complete the corrections for Transportation Science Revision worksheets (Measurement, Kinematics, Forces, Moments and Energy & Work) that were given to us before the holidays.